The Authors at their home in California

L.C. Frenzel

About L.C. Frenzel

Charles and Lydia Frenzel, writing as L. C. Frenzel, have led highly diversified lives. They both claim the foundations of science as their guiding principle, and both of them would claim that science, as a creative activity, is another kind of art form.  Here is what they say about their writing.

“We are always agreeable to sharing these thoughts with anyone who asks about why we continue to write—or paint, or travel, or teach.

“Stories are the basis of understanding life. Good science is a narrative based on universally verifiable facts. Good fiction is based on information only called factual and agreed to by writer and reader. Either case is intended to extend our awareness of the surrounding world.

“If we possess the vocabulary, we encounter proper science and great art as life affirming experiences that restructure the way we think about ourselves and our world. How we feel about being alive universally arises from what we learn in story or metaphor. As the years roll by, we have come to understand that our path in life is toward understanding what it means to be fully human. Nothing less will satisfy us.

“Our characters are struck from the die of real life. We credit many of our stories to the young people who have worked and sometimes bled with us in our adventures. They were often brave, and they almost always possessed a keen sense of humor. When we give them the proper tools, they prove to us that our world will pass into capable hands.”