Welcome to the World of Lunaria


Welcome to the world of Lunaria where Claire and Pem will live in your heart forever.

The Broken Circle, or Lunarian Epic, has been a huge undertaking stretching over several years and interrupted by what seems like countless other necessary projects. We have come to believe that it is our labor of love, the most personal statement we will ever make about our beliefs in how people live and prosper or sink into despair and die.

Now that Book 4 is well on its way to completion, we are looking forward to beginning the closure of the great circle that circumscribes the Lunarian Epic. We hope it will turn out to surprise and even delight the reader as well reveal a thoughtful aspect to how we may conduct our own lives.

When all has been said, however, the adventures of Claire and Pem are intended to be, above all, loads of fun!


L.C. Frenzel