The World of Lunaria

The world of Lunaria superficially resembles her world back home in Ridgeville, Texas, but Claire Fisher isn’t fooled. She thinks of herself as a very ordinary girl, but mysterious powers are attracted to her when she crosses through the gate with an orange cat named Curly and accompanied by a boy named Pem. The boy turns out to be the heir to the throne of the most powerful state in the new world.

One of the most influential men in the kingdom soon realizes that Claire is the key to the changes sweeping across Lunaria and involves her in a royal intrigue that will take Claire into deadly danger. She must learn quickly how to manipulate the special powers of this world or die.

She will be befriended by Gilbert, a consummate politician and steadfast friend to the throne, by a loyal servant, Tess of Tribana, a girl who dreams of leaving her village and exploring the world, by Royard, a loyal armsman of the King’s Guard, and by Pem, himself, who finds that he is falling in love with the strange and dangerous girl he has brought home with him.

Along the way she must confront the mad and dangerous Captain Dread, she must deal with a romantic rogue named Turlo, and take care of a young boy named Rat. She must scale mighty heights and pass beneath an unimaginable waterfall. She must escape from doors leading to other worlds and learn to use the Sword of Training. Altogether, Claire Miller learns that, for an ordinary girl, she must become very special.